The Mission of the Salem Band

Eileen M. Young

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  • The mission of the Salem Band is to provide entertaining concert band music free of charge to the community we serve;
  • To maintain and promote the Salem Band as the oldest, continuous mixed wind ensemble in the nation while honoring its Moravian heritage; and
  • To provide an opportunity for band musicians to maintain and improve their musical abilities by playing together for their mutual enjoyment.
  • Salem Band offers opportunities for musical enjoyment, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction for many of our older citizens, our younger students and our active adults.

Established in 1771 Salem Band is the Oldest, Continuous, Mixed wind ensemble in the nation

the Salem Band


28th 2014

 3:00 PM



Next Concert

The Old North State

AUGUST 5th, 7:30 PM 

with Charles Murph, Guest Conductor

and Anita Cirba, Trumpet